About Us

About Us

Experts in the field
As a specialist in dry bulk, liquefied compressed gases and cryogenic tanker trailers, Bedard Tankers has quickly proven itself to be a leader in its field by delivering quality units on time, with all the fine workmanship one can expect from a professional heavy-duty tank manufacturer.

The highest manufacturing standards
In order to produce such quality work, Bedard Tankers uses approved welding procedures, and is
qualified to the A.S.M.E. and C.G.A. codes as well as all D.O.T. regulations, in addition to quality control level CSA Z-229.3.

Qualified staff
Bedard Tankers uses the services of experienced engineers to create tanks of lasting quality and radical new designs, such as the Concorde dry bulk concept and the Bullet design, both leading trend setters in the trade.

State-of-the-art facilities
The outstanding service, repair, painting and testing facilities are testimony to Bedard Tankers’ will to serve their customers according to their highest expectations.

3D_2000-4axleOur commitment
Our commitment is to total quality. When you invest in our units you are investing in full and complete value of equipment and service. Our main objective is the consistent conformity to our customer’s expectations.

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