New products

New products

Bedard Tankers is proud to present its most recent innovations:


New1_16201620 cu.ft. Aluminum Tanker Trailer

A new “Bullet” Aluminum Sparger type Tanker Trailer of robust construction and a unique concept for transporting Sodium Chloride. Unloading of this product requires usage of extremely hot water. Constructed to the SPIF regulations, four axles in Ontario.

  • Intraax suspension
  • Unloading from rear and both sides.
  • Catwalk
  • Railing

Provisio Plus from “Wheel Monitor”

New2_22002200 cu.ft. Aluminum Super B-Train (see stock)

Bedard Tankers expanded its popular “Bullet” design Super B‑Train with two hoppers on “Lead” and two hoppers on “Pup”. Each unit can unload independently.

Mainly used for lime, cement and similar products.

Aerodynamic design with lower center of gravity.

  • Intraax suspension
  • Driver side unloading
  • Gravity unload
  • Collapsible handrail
  • Unit painted two colors

New3_26002600 cu.ft. Aluminum Tanker Trailer

“Concorde” design in aluminum – six hoppers & six axles including two steering axles at the front. Unit is equipped with a two-tier flocone aeration system. Two fill pipes and an air cleaner on the main air line. The unit is installed on a six-axle air suspension from “Hendrickson” inverted drop center axles from “IMT”. The tank is mounted on “Michelin” Super Single tires on all six axles.

  • Unit is equipped with a platinum plus performance system which includes a Sentinel Hub Cap & Pro-torq nut.
  • ABS is a “Haldex”

New4_38003800 U.S.G. Stainless Steel Trailer
A Stainless Steel tandem trailer specially designed to haul Molten Sulfur (S2) product. S/S suspension frame. Insulated with thicker fibreglass covered by a Stainless Steel bright annealed jacket.<

  • Heating system
  • Steam jacketed valve

New5_4600046000 Litres Aluminum Semi-Trailer

An aluminum tanker trailer TC 406 installed on a tridem Heavy Duty air suspension.

Tank is equipped with two baffles and special collapsible handrail.

  • HT300 “Hendrickson” air suspension
  • Hydraulic driven pump discharge
  • Bottom loading adaptor
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